Welcome to Bartlett Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine, a full-service acupuncture clinic offering individualized and effective care for patients.   I’m Kath Bartlett, MS, LAc & Traditional Chinese Herbalist.  I have been practicing in Asheville since 2001 and have treated hundreds of patients like you.  If you are suffering from any of the 

following conditions I can help you recover and enjoy your life again.


I was treated by Kath for an extended illness that had put me out of work for 1.5 yrs. Prior, I had been seen by Infectious Disease, Oncology, Pulmonology, Ortho and General Practitioners. In one month, Kath managed to get me back on my feet, literally, and back to work . . . Read More
C. Surrett, RN      Roswell, GA

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I'm Experienced
I went into Chinese medicine in 1997 and have been practicing in Asheville since 2001. I have given thousands of acupuncture treatments to patients like you and have a high clinical success rate - much higher than what acupuncture studies report. I treat a wide range of conditions, including many patients who have had difficulty finding relief with conventional medicine. I am an experienced and knowledgeable herbalist, Board Certified in Oriental Medicine by NCCAOM, the highest level of certification available. My colleagues respect my expertise, many of whom consult with me on cases.

I'm Dedicated
I have dedicated my professional life to eliminating the afflictions affecting my patients.  I am a tenacious practitioner and do not give up on difficult cases. Because I see only one patient at a time, I give you my complete focus during your treatment.   If you are responding slowly I will research and use different approaches so that I ensure you become well again.  

I'm Effective
I practice a unique style of acupuncture called The Balance Method TM.  For patients with pain, I expect to reduce the level of pain dramatically during your first treatment. One of the benefits of The Balance Method is fast symptom relief early on using fewer acupuncture needles than other methods in use today.  Results are long lasting. *


If you have questions about Chinese medicine review the pages where I explain how it works, and what conditions it treats. I have included many press articles, studies and videos endorsing acupuncture treatment on the Resources page.  The FAQ’s page includes questions people don’t ask but should.

To briefly discuss specifics of your condition and whether you are a candidate for acupuncture, I offer a 15 minute phone consultation at no charge to you.  For an in-depth conversation schedule an initial consultation ** to learn how we can work together to achieve lasting results in improving your health.

Kath Bartlett, LAc, MS, BA UCLA
Board Certified in Oriental Medicine, NCCAOM
828 258-2777


Experienced, Dedicated, Effective



*Chinese medicine involves a series of treatments. 

**During the initial consultation I perform a comprehensive health evaluation and will explain to you the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) diagnosis, treatment plan: including acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy, lifestyle & nutritional counseling, and what time period is necessary for you to become well again. 


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