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I'm Kath Bartlett, MS, LAc & Traditional Chinese Herbalist.  I have been practicing in Asheville since 2001 and have given thousands of acupuncture treatments to patients like you. I practice Dr. Richard Tan’s Balance Method TM of acupuncture. I began implementing this method in 2007 and now use it exclusively due to the effective results it  

offers using fewer needles than other methods in use today. Pain is relieved on the first treatment.  Symptoms improve quickly. Results are long lasting.*  I am a knowledgeable and accomplished herbalist.  I compound custom herbal formulas to enhance treatment and speed your recovery.

I earned a Master’s of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, respected for its rigorous, intensive program.  Additional studies included private classes in Chinese language, herbal theory and the classic texts of Traditional Chinese Medical theory (TCM).  Clinical experience included externships with UCSD Medical School in integrative hospital and clinic settings for HIV+/AIDS, seniors and homeless patients. Prior to this I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from UCLA.

I am Board Certified in Oriental Medicine, NCCAOM the highest level of certification available.

"I am delighted to have found Kath Bartlett as my acupuncturist and herbalist. While I have worked with other acupuncturist/herbalists in the past, as well as many other alternative care practitioners, I found Kath to be truly exceptional. . ." Read More

Paula Sellars, Asheville, NC

I spend 3-4 weekends a year immersing myself in a wide variety of seminar material. Subjects include:

  • Gastrology - Stomach, Bowel & Liver Problems
  • Dermatology
  • Endocrinology - Thyroid & Blood Sugar Disorders
  • Blood Chemistry Analysis

I am a health writer & blogger. I am the Co-Editor of the Acupuncture/TCM page of AllThingsHealing.com Publications include:

  • Rapid River Magazine
  • New Life Journal
  • Whole Health News
  • Pacific College Of Oriental Medicine Newsletter

I have lectured about Chinese medicine at various colleges and civic organizations, including:

  • MAHEC Residency Program
  • A&B Technical College
  • Wofford College - Spartanburg, SC
  • UNCA's College for Seniors

I have appeared as a featured guest on the "Health Watch" segment of KUSI News in San Diego.

Acupuncturist’s Education Video Cute, cartoon bears discuss the rigorous training acupuncturists receive (4min). 

In my early adulthood I suffered debilitating back pain due to auto accidents and became gravely ill with Lyme disease.  I turned to holistic medicine after exhausting the ability of western medicine to care for me.  Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) was critical to my recovery.   In 1997 I went into Chinese medicine as a second career to serve others like you by eliminating your pain and sickness; thereby empowering you to reclaim your health so that you may continue leading a happy and productive life.

Kath Bartlett's Curriculum Vitae

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What sets Kath Bartlett, MS, LAc apart from other acupuncturists?

  • Pain is dramatically reduced on the first visit. Symptoms improve quickly. I practice a unique system of acupuncture called Richard Tan's Balance Method. Immediate results are seen. *
  • I have a high clinical success rate and achieve long lasting results. My patients' response rate is much higher than what acupuncture studies report.
  • I do not give up on difficult patients. If you are responding slowly I research and consult colleagues to learn new approaches to ensure you get well.
  • I take my time with you. I treat one patient at a time so that I devote my focused attention to you during your visit. Acupuncture treatments are 75 minutes.
  • At each treatment I thoroughly re-evaluate your condition, and modify the acupuncture and herbal therapies based on your treatment progress. I do not rotely repeat protocols.
  • During the initial consultation I fully explain your diagnosis and treatment plan, how Chinese medicine can treat your condition, and how soon I expect you to improve.
  • I love what I do and offer superior patient care. I am committed to helping you regain your health and thrive.
*Acupuncture is a therapy. A series of treatments is required.

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