The following kind words have been sent by patients & colleagues praising Kath Bartlett, MS, LAc and highlighting successful treatment outcomes she achieved. If you would like to write about your experience, please email us your missive. We would be honored to present them here.

I am delighted to have found Kath Bartlett as my acupuncturist and herbalist. While I have worked with other acupuncturist/herbalists in the past, as well as many other alternative care practitioners, I found Kath to be truly exceptional. She is thorough, she listens very well and she is clearly an expert Chinese Medicine Practitioner. She has a rather “take charge” sort of approach, in a direct way that lets you know that she is offering something substantial and well thought out, while at the same time listening and adjusting for new information that I have offered session by session. I have felt totally cared for, as though no stone was to be left unturned. I have observed that she integrates well the seemingly divergent pieces of my various symptoms, which speaks to both her intensive training and her dedication to people. More than once in the course of my treatment Kath has offered me a particular protocol only to return with “one more idea” or procedure that makes a difference. This has let me know that she is not on auto-pilot, simply doing what she has become accustomed to, but rather that she is really thinking about me as an individual and continuously learning and growing. I would recommend her to my nearest and dearest.


Thanks for making me “all better” (nearly). It’s such a huge contribution to actually be able to be well naturally. Your contribution allows me to make mine, so we have mutual gratitude.

Consciousness Training for Our Changing World
Phoenix Possibilities, Inc.
Paula C. Sellars
Vice President

I was treated by Kath for an extended illness that had put me out of work for 1.5 yrs. Prior, I had been seen by Infectious Disease, Oncology, Pulmonology, Ortho and General Practitioners. In one month, Kath managed to get me back on my feet, literally, and back to work, where I continue to be at this time. I would recommend her as an excellent practitioner, based not on my knowledge of Chinese Medicine, but simply on my own personal results.

C. Surrett, RN Roswell, GA

I began seeing Kath Bartlett in July, 2010.  I was barely able to walk up the stairs.  I now walk upstairs effortlessly! [since September, 2010: 2 months later]  Kath has made an enormous difference in the quality of my life.  Even though I am not presently able to find work as a psychotherapist, I won’t give this woman up !!!

With gratitude & appreciation,
Nicole Dollmann, LCSW
Weaverville, NC

Hi Kath, 
I had an appointment with Dr LeBlanc yesterday and a follow-up ultrasound and the cyst on my right ovary is gone, in addition, the small fibroid in my uterus is a little smaller. . .  I appreciate your time and care. 

thanks   Mary B. Asheville, NC

This patient came to see me after he fell and sprained his lower back during a visit to Asheville from Michigan.  He was concerned about sitting in the car for the 2 day drive back.  I gave him 2 acupuncture treatments before he left.

Hi Kath,

We made it home yesterday afternoon.  We drove approx. 8 hours on Sunday and 5 hours on Monday.  And, considering how I felt last week before I saw you, it really went quite well.  I think the combination of acupuncture treatments, plus the heated seats in my car, really improved my back.  Thanks very much for your help...I'm not sure I could have made it home without the treatments.

This patient also suffered burning pain in his stomach for 2 months prior to seeing me.  The pain was constant, despite taking the drug his doctor prescribed.  I gave him a Chinese herbal formula and the next day the stomach pain was gone.  Five days later he added in his email:

I have finished the Chinese herbs as of this morning.  I really think they helped my stomach as well, since I haven't needed to take any Famotidine since starting the herbs.  

Jan D., Muskegon, MI

Hi Kath,

Thank you for all you've done for my pain. I really appreciate you and your amazing wealth of knowledge in your profession. Pain level is about a 1 or 2 [after 2 treatments].  I'm doing much better and plan on going to Mexico on Saturday. Yeah!   . . . I'll surely be seeing you again and recommending you to my friends!  I'll want to get more of that liniment from you soon, too. I love it!                    

Meg Reilley, Asheville, NC

This patient came to me with a sprained ankle, due to a fall 2 weeks prior.  She was experiencing stabbing pain and sharp twinges with movement, Two days after the fall she received a treatment from a first year acupuncturist, crano-somatic therapy, & therapeutic exercise for strength and range of motion, providing some improvement.  However, she was still using an ankle wrap and was limping due to the pain, level 4-5 (1-10 scale).  I gave here 1 treatment for the ankle and a mild, stress induced headache. Both improved after the treatment, and she was able to walk with minimal to no pain.  10 days later she emailed me:

Hi, Kath . . .  Just want to thank you again for the acupuncture treatment. My ankle was better that night and cont'd to improve over the next couple of days (which I attribute to the treatment). Now it's almost back to normal!  My headache was completely gone the next day.

Lisa Mc Wherter, PT
Asheville, NC

Hi Kath,
Just wanted to reiterate how delighted I am to have met you.   I feel so confident in your abilities that I know we will get the results we seek.  It was inspiring to spend time with you.

After just two doses of the herbal formula, I can see a change in both my eye, and the way that I feel in general.  My eye is less red and almost without pain, and I feel more energized and more positive.  Some of this may be because I am so relieved to have found you!!

Thank you and all the best!

Maureen McManus, Licensed Acupuncturist
Tryon, NC

Thank you for your help. I believe the acupuncture and herbs helped get me back on track to better health. At least I feel I’m in a better place to handle my emotions from these most recent blows – loss of job and my beloved, long time friend . . . my cat . . . Thanks again for your help in getting me to a better place to be able to handle these curves.

Peace, Gwynne Sylva, NC

Dear Kath,
When you spoke to our High Vista Women’s Club and had one of your patients tell of her success with acupuncture, as well as demonstrating the small, painless needles you use, I knew there was hope for my medical problems.
Heartburn, bloating, inner ear sensitivity (particularly to wind and cold weather) and ear aches, and lower back pain all beleaguered me.
With your patience, as you questioned me regarding these ailments, you mixed herbs for me to co-ordinate with my acupuncture sessions. My personal formula was upgraded as my needs changed.
My progress, and thus my daily state of mind, improved steadily, and now I am on a maintenance schedule.
Thank You for being a caring, knowledgeable professional. I will continue to pass you name on to friends and acquaintances who could also benefit from your fine services. You have made my “quality of life” exciting and pleasurable.

Fondly, Marian Huck, Asheville NC

. . . How I treasured my time with you in your office! It was my "release" time!

Thanks Kath!
Thanks so much for helping me. I'm making so many life changes at once and you're the core at ensuring that I can handle it all and come out on the
other side happier and healthier. I trust in all of your expertise and
think you're a pretty cool chick on top of all that!

. . . I think you’re awesome and don’t mind telling the world :)

Karen Stryker, Asheville NC

. . . prior to seeking acupuncture and liniment regime, traditional doctors insisted surgery was the only way I could see relief from the back pain. Thus far, I have avoided that plan of treatment.

Rita Davis-Rice, Asheville NC

This is from a colleague who contacted me about an acute stomach flu, desperately looking for help:

I got suddenly & violently ill last night - I'm doing much better today.  My husband has a final exam in 4 days so I don’t want to pass this on to him.

Her main symptoms were simultaneous vomiting & diarrhea (sudden turmoil disorder) “Several hours of misery followed” + severe chills and burning pain in the stomach, esophagus and throat.  I recommended an herbal formula she might have on hand.

:) I think you may be our hero.  I found my bottle of the sudden turmoil formula you suggested.  When my husband started feeling an odd stomach pressure last night we gave him a dose.  he said things settled significantly.  I won't be sure that he's in the clear until tomorrow with no vomiting, but I've got my fingers crossed and am feeling optimistic.
thank you again.

. . . The week could've been a LOT worse.  My husband only ever had one bout of diarrhea, no vomiting at all was pretty much fine.  He managed to skip the hours of misery that I went through.  & when I finally got to take my dose of the herbs, it immediately got rid on the awful bouts of heartburn & most of the lingering nausea I'd been having since the vomiting . . . that's far better than the godawful sick we'd had before the herbs.

So thank you again, Karoline Gostl, Licensed Acupuncturist
New York, NY

. . .I had flu-like symptoms that you totally lifted away. And as my fever tried to come back, the raw herbs helped me to completely recover. I had a great first experience with acupuncture. . . Thank you for making me feel better. I’ll see you in the future.

AS, Asheville, NC

Hey Kath,
I have had several people tell me how good I look this morning.
Specifically that I have such a healthy glow, questions about have
I been tanning, etc. I told the ones who commented that I have been
having acupuncture and apparently it has my stagnated blood moving

thanks for your help!

Marsha G. Webb
Data Base Manager

I know Kath through a professional online resource for acupuncturists. I have observed that Kath has very good clinical orientation toward patient care and has helped many other acupuncturists with thoughtful ideas for consideration. I would recommend her as both clinician and knowledgeable resource on natural healthcare.   

Michael W. Bowser, DC, LAc

Thank you for sending this out and for your continuing contributions and input to this [PCOM] alumni email group. I really think that you are an asset to this profession and this group by your asking the tough questions, being involved and adding to conversations where you can. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your level of commitment and really raise the bar!

-Sandra Dougherty, MS, LAc

Hi Kath,
. . . I can't tell you the number of acupuncturists who mention that you offered them inspiration or encouragement over the years. . .
Warm Regards,  Catherine Browne, MH, LAc

I've known Kath for 29 years, have lived with her on both U.S. coasts, and have followed her through various career and life stages. Whatever endeavor she undertakes, Kath does so with a great deal of passion and skill. After a very successful career in costume design, she embarked on a mission to teach, write about, and practice acupuncture and Chinese medicine, becoming an expert in her field and a highly successful acupuncturist in private practice. Kath brings a great deal of compassion, honesty and humor to everything she does. I am proud of and enjoy our longstanding friendship.

Suz Sachs Lipman, Mill Valley, CA

I have had the privilege of Kath's friendship since 1997 when she moved to San Diego to attend the PCOM. Since that time I have watched her study, absorb, and truly live all things holistic. Medical expertise seems to come easily to Kath -- even early in her career, she quickly and successfully treated every ailment I brought to her with holistic remedies... without exception. Kath opened my eyes to Eastern medicine and the incredible results I could achieve with holistic treatment. Kath now has a wide range of experiences as a health care provider, and many years of study and research to guide her. She is a caring and honest individual who really does make a difference in peoples' lives.

Year first hired: 1997
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Kimberly Rotter, San Diego, CA

Hi Kath

. . . You have a lot of caring in you ... and thus a lot of healing. . . . My sense is that your style of communication and work is collaborative and nourishing to the community.

. . . I admire the spirit with which you come to your work and the humility and courage that you have in openly engaging the pathway and the people you find along your pathway.

. . . I can verify that I feel your spirit is a powerful contributor to the field of health care in America.

Respectfully, Emmanuel Segmen
General Manager, Asia Natural Herbs, San Francisco, CA
Anatomy & Human Physiology Professor, Merritt College, Oakland, CA



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